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With a vibrant spirit and a humble heart, Michelle is truly one of a kind. After suffering a serious spinal injury in a car accident as a young adult, Michelle embraced Yoga as one piece of a holistic rehabilitation method that also included nutrition, muscular resistance training, and Chinese medicine. After more than a decade and over 17,000 hours of training, she still incorporates all of these life-enhancing techniques, with Yoga remaining her primary devotion.

Michelle joins our Plum family all the way from Montreal, Canada, and has worked in many of the top premier fitness clubs and studios in the country. Michelle puts her experience into practice as a yoga mentor, introducing the art with traditional methods and also incorporates her own non-traditional athletic style in high intensity training, personal and group training, spinning, muscle toning, and general nutrition for weight loss. We couldn’t feel more  B L E S S E D  to have her here as one of the amazing leaders of our healing tribe!




"The energy flows where the attention goes".

Roberta is a Certified Yoga teacher, Licensed Shiatsu Therapist, Certified Nutrition Counselor, and Aromatherapist.

Roberta discovered her love for movement at a young age. Over the years, she embraced the world of disciplines based on improving a whole well being where the mind, body, and soul are inseparable. Roberta teaches with a joyful attitude, celebrating the innate intelligence of mindful, flowing movements and breath. 

Her passion in life is to help people achieve and maintain their best health.

Her classes are tailored for both beginners and intermediate students, and her yoga style incorporates a gentle flow with pranayama (breathing practices), meditation, kundalini chanting, and energy meridians tapping.  




Cynthia was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. Upon finishing High School, she knew she needed an outlet from the stressful new phase in her life -- something to keep her feeling alive, and not a slave to the real world. Then, she discovered Yoga. Through yoga, she found a deeper meaning in life and began changing her bad habits, discovering how much peace she can find with yoga -- on and off the mat. Realizing that it is more than just a “workout,” but a way of living.

Cynthia has been practicing yoga for six years now, and in 2016, she traveled to Costa Rica devoting a full month to learning and practicing her new passion. She is passionate about helping others thrive in life by nourishing their mind, body, and soul through yoga, and bringing its benefits to everyone -- no matter who they are. 

When not on her mat, Cynthia is helping others build a better lifestyle through nutrition and healthier habits, as well as teaching others how to grow a business with Herbalife. During her free time, you may find her on the beach enjoying the sunshine, or watching Netflix with her boyfriend and boxer puppy, Nala.


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Sara is a native SFV Angeleno and has been studying and practicing yoga for over 10 years -- completing her RYT200 teacher training with Yoga Works Westlake Village. 

Sara’s classes are equal parts Soul and Spunk. Weaving alignment-focused asana, breath-centered movement, and yogic philosophy magically together with a playful and eclectic playlist leaving your mind, body, and spirit completely nourished and revived.

Sara is the founder of Wolf Rabbit Yoga in Ventura, California, a music-themed, all-levels Vinyasa flow class accompanied by a different music genre each month. She is also part of the Wild Women Project, a non-profit organization that uses animal therapy to aid at-risk youth. And on top of all that, she teaches goat yoga!!! Word on the street is that she just might be bringing the first animal play yoga class to the Plum! Kitty Yoga anyone??

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Ibok is an Age Suspension expert that respects yoga for the pivotal role it can play in his life’s work. Now getting his Doctorate in Natural Medicine, his commitment to yoga helped reverse 8 years of chronic pain that resulted from professional football and fighting. He is ever seeking to embody the balance of showing people how much stronger they actually are and the importance of self care and healing!

His quest for balance is also embodied by equal passion for 2 personal yoga styles, KungFu Yoga and Ninja Restorative, the Yin and the Yang of his philosophy of personal evolution! 

Ibok is also a Master Healer for yogis, athletes and martial artists. Described as Advanced Thai Yoga Massage, it is actually a blend of intuitive Seifukujitsu, Thai Yoga Massage, joint realignment, Acro Therapeutics, and deep tissue massage and energy-work from assisted yoga and stretch positions. His services are now available at The Wild Plum! More information at TheMasterHealer.com




Originally, from the San Fernando Valley, Gitana has traveled extensively, living in eight different countries, integrating various holistic modalities, movement art practices, bodywork therapies, spiritual disciplines and healing techniques into her integrative coaching practice and teaching methodology. She is dedicated to the facilitation of each individual’s personal growth and integrative health.

Gitana has been practicing movement arts and yoga for over 20 years. Early on as a dance major she realized that movement was a transformational tool and fell in love with all things corporeal. In 2002 she completed her Pilates certification, in 2009 completing 100 hours with Kali Ray Tri Yoga, and most recently continuing her 200 hours training with Electric Soul Yoga in 2018. She finds movement arts and Yoga to be profoundly healing in the communication between physical body and heart wisdom, as well as an anchor for deep renewal. Gitana’s classes are creative, restorative, strengthening and healing. Using music as a portal, her approach to all movement practices is innovative and interdisciplinary. She infuses discipline and practice with spirited warmth, joy and deep caring.




Passionate.  Playful.  Peaceful.

Aleyna embodies all three of these beautiful qualities and brings them into her classes. Her passion and love of yoga began while leaving behind an unfulfilling career in real estate and setting out on a spiritual pilgrimage overseas where she was forever transformed. Returning with a deep hunger for meaning and purpose in life, she dove into every yoga teacher training and workshop she could find, eventually committing to teaching full time.

When she is not on her mat, she is actively engaged in fighting for human and animal rights. And we are so blessed to have her as part of our Plum tribe.




Nancy is a certified Yoga teacher who has been teaching yoga for over 10 years. She is passionate about connecting her students to the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of yoga.

Nancy was first inspired by the practice in 2004 when she took her first public yoga class. Having always been an active person, she was seeking a form of exercise that was easy on the joints. However, that first class taught her to further explore the mind/body/breath connection.

Nancy has a strong commitment to alignment, and focuses on several important principles: being present, controlling the breath, and being aware of who we are, how we feel, and what we want to accomplish.

Her classes offer various options to accommodate all skill levels while still challenging the body.