Q: what should I wear, and what should i bring to my first yoga class? do you provide mats/towels?

A: Be sure to dress in comfortable workout attire, and bring a yoga mat, large sized towel, and plenty of water along with you. If you don’t own any of these things, no worries! We rent yoga mats at the studio for only $2, and small and large towels for $1-$2. Feeling parched? Grab some bottled water for $1-$3.

Q: how do i sign up for yoga classes?

A: You may sign up for any one of our yoga classes through the MindBody app, or our website: www.wildplumwellness.com.

Q: do i need to make a reservation, or sign up online prior to taking a yoga class?

A: No need! Walk-ins are more than welcome at the Wild Plum, but you are free to sign up and reserve your spot beforehand through the MindBody app.

Q: i am new to yoga, what is a good first class to try?

A: Most of our classes are beginner friendly, but our Yoga Basics 101 class is specifically for beginners and walks you through every pose.

Q: i arrived a few min late to class and the door was locked, why?

A: We lock our doors 5 minutes after class begins as a courtesy to the teacher and the other students. We do not want to disturb them in the middle of their practice, so please be respectful, and arrive at least 10 min before each class. If you are running more than 5 min late, please call us at the studio.

And be sure to give yourself ample time to find parking! You may find parking in the surrounding residential streets.

Q: is there a minimum age requirement to attend a yoga class?

A: The majority of our yoga classes are for teenagers and adults, ages 13 and above. However, we do offer a Little Plums Yoga Class every Sunday for ages 5-12!

Q: I am pregnant - can i still take a class? what if i have a heart condition, can i still practice?

A: Everyone is welcome to take a class. However, our teachers will give modifications to students with any health concerns or issues. Please inform the teacher prior to the class, so they are aware and can act accordingly.

Q: what are the heat levels like in class? And what are the benefits?

A: Our gently heated yoga room aids in detoxification, facilitates fat loss, and allows you to go deeper into the poses by improving flexibility and balance. The heat relieves stress and tension, stimulates white blood cell production, and increases blood circulation. After class you will feel energized, rejuvenated, and cleansed.

Q: do you have any specials for new students?

A: . Yes! We offer new yoga students a single class drop-in rate of $10 for their first initial visit, and an Unlimited Class Pass valid for 10-consecutive days, for only $25.

Q: should i eat before class?

A: We recommend not eating within an hour of your class, and be sure to stay hydrated throughout the day!

Q: is the spa co-ed?

A: Yes, E V E R Y O N E is welcome to experience our spa area, services, and treatments.

Q: is there a time limit for spa use?

A: Yes, you are free to relax in our space for a maximum of four hours.

Q: do i need to make an appointment to use the spa? Do you accept walk-ins?

A: Spa services and treatments are by appointment only. Please reserve your treatment through our website, or call us at 818.533.1573.

Q: what is your cancellation policy?

A: Our appointment times are reserved specifically for your treatment. Out of respect for our therapists’ time, The Wild Plum requires a minimum of 24 hours notice to Cancel or Reschedule your appointment. A credit card on file will be required to hold your appointment time. Late cancellations will be charged 50% of service(s) booked. 


How to make The Wild Plum a yoga home for everyone! 


Our mission here at the Plum is to be an I N C L U S I V E healing space for A L L people. Please be kind and respectful to your fellow yogis.


Try to limit conversation inside the yoga room. Your mat time is your sacred space to go inward and begin to quiet the noise of the outside world.


Please silence your electronics while here at The Plum. There is nothing more distracting than a cell phone going off in the middle of a class. Give yourself the gift of truly unplugging, and a chance to connect to what’s happening right in this moment.


Do your best to be on time for class, so that you get the full benefit of the practice and not to disturb the flow of the class. And if you must leave class early, please do so before final savasana.


Respecting the studio by returning props and making sure you leave your space sweat and trash-free will help keep the Plum clean and safe for all.


The Wild Plum is an E G O - F R E E and J U D G E M E N T - F R E E zone. Help us create a space for everyone’s Soul to feel at peace and at home – put aside all worries, gossip, anxieties and judgements every time you walk through our door.


Thank you for being a part of our Wild Plum Family

We honor and appreciate all of you!